Friday, May 26, 2006


Protest against fuel, power hike on Sunday

Beh Lih Yi
May 26, 06 2:50pm

After a two-month hiatus, the anti-fuel hike protestors are making a comeback on this Sunday with an additional agenda - to protest over the 12 percent jump in the electricity tariff announced two days ago.

“The hike of the electricity tariff is very much related to the petrol hike,” said Dr Hatta Ramli, spokesperson for the organiser ‘Protes’ - a loose alliance to protest the fuel hike comprising opposition parties and NGOs.

“The increase in electricity tariff was attributed to the fuel hike and it has since been the main reason for Tenaga Nasional Berhad to justify the power tariff hike direct or indirectly,” argued Hatta who is also PAS treasurer.

In March, the government had hiked fuel prices between 18.5 percent and 23 percent in the biggest-ever round of fuel price hike. The price of petrol and diesel was raised by 30 sen per litre to RM1.92 and RM1.58 respectively.

The organiser is targeting 2,000 protesters to turn up at Sunday’s protest, scheduled for 10am outside the iconic Petronas Twin Towers. Opposition and NGOs leaders will be giving speeches while a group of youths will perform a sketch.

Among those expected to speak are Hatta, PAS deputy president Nasharuddin Mat Isa, vice-president Mohamad Sabu, his counterpart in PKR, Azmin Ali, DAP and NGOs representatives.

Last protest on fuel hike

Hatta warned the government not to take the message from the people lightly, as witnessed in the just-concluded Sarawak state election. The urban swing of voters towards the opposition has been attributed to the people’s anger over the fuel hike.

“The number of people who turn up do not necessarily reflect the real situation. People are angry, the protests are to remind them of the fuel hike and ultimately the people will make a choice like in the Sarawak election,” he said.

Hatta was responding on a question that the more recent protests in Kuala Lumpur saw smaller crowd. There was also a police crackdown on the protests with water cannons and arrests.

Meanwhile, Hatta noted that the coming Sunday, May 28, is picked because it is the third-month anniversary of the government’s announcement of the fuel hike on February 28.

“This Sunday’s protest will be the peak after the series of protests and it will also be the last. After that, we will take different approach to continue educating the people on the two issues,” he added.

kami tak akan tunduk kpd regim firaun yang membolos harta orang miskin & teranyai. tiada maaf untuk kamu hingga ke anak cucu sampai akhirat.makan lah kamu duit haram neraka jahanam !
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