Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Suhakam 'sees no evil, hears no evil'

(Dari Malaysiakini)

Jun 13, 06 5:44pm

There are photographs, video recordings and testimonies from victims and witnesses involved in the Bloody Sunday incident.

With all these available, DAP cannot understand why the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (Suhakam) is still asking for more evidence to initiate an inquiry.

DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng wonders what it would take to convince Suhakam chairperson Abu Talib Othman who dismissed the existing evidence as ‘hearsay’ and ‘emotional’ rants.

“What type of evidence is required when there are photos and video recordings of police brutaly beating up peaceful demonstrators?” he asked in a statement.

“If such evidence are considered by Abu Talib as ‘hearsay’ and ‘emotional’ rants from the injured parties and public, then he has eyes that do not see, ears that do not hear and a heart that has no compassion,” he added.

Lim was responding to the Suhakam chairperson who asked for more clear evidence before deciding if the commission should start an inquiry into the ‘alleged police brutality’.

Apart from stressing the need to be fair, he also said the commission would wait for the conclusion of an internal police investigation into the matter.

His remarks made at a meeting yesterday with representatives from political parties and non-governmental organisations peeved those present and a walkout was staged.

‘Clear-cut example’

Recordings of the May 28 incident showed the police, armed with batons and shields, bludgeoning and kicking a number of protestors when dispersing the 500-strong group protesting against recent price hikes in fuel and electricity.

Two were seriously injured - one requiring five stitches on his head while another suffered from a broken arm.

Meanwhile, Lim claimed that Suhakam has lost its moral authority, integrity and legitimacy as a human rights organisation,

He said DAP parliamentarians will be directed to question Abu Talib’s commitment to human rights and his qualification to hold the post of Suhakam chair.

“If such clear-cut example of police abuses supplied with incontrovertible evidence does not justify a public inquiry, then Suhakam has lost the very meaning of its establishment or existence,” he added.

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